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RSS Digital Classicist Seminar

  • Clotho: Network Analysis and Distant Reading on the Perseus Latin Corpus (Thibault Clérice) 28 juillet 2014
    How do we handle Latin texts with digital tools? How do we apply to Latin sources technologies and algorithms which have been developed for the linguistic study of modern languages? Clotho is a resource which aims to address these questions in an Open-Source format, providing network analysis, data extraction mechanisms, and document statistics. Using these […]

RSS Current Epigraphy

  • AIO launch 29 juillet 2014
    Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) and EAGLE are delighted to announce the launch, on Tuesday 29th July, of a package of new English translations, supporting papers and upgrades to AIO: 1. 153 new translations (by Stephen Lambert, P. J. Rhodes, Feyo Schuddeboom and Lina van’t Wout). From the late-5th cent. BC: (a) sacrificial calendar of Thorikos (b) Athenian d […]
    Pietro Liuzzo

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